Slovak designer Evgeniia Kazarezova created the wearable vase rethinking the functions of the ceramic vessel and interaction with plants and their position in space. The name of the project  - Nymph - is a poetical image of the child of nature, which is known about from folklore, classic literature, and paintings acquire again its actuality through this project.
To bring the idea into life Evgeniia engages artisans of the heritage traditional Slovakian craft to produce her design of wearable lightweight fashion accessories, making every item unique, tactile and mindful, reminding of classical forms of human interaction with nature and applying a gentle attitude to the environment. 
The concept of the wearable vase draws particular attention to the connection between humans and nature and how it may be the base for the sense of commonality. The idea of wearing flowers is a statement, it is a message of pacifism and love offering to adorn yourself with flowers, to choose beauty, and be natural.
Humans are complex creatures. Everyone is different from each other, not only by appearance but also by their way of thinking. These differences time and again become a point of contention and often divert attention from the fact of common relation. The undeniable fact of being all the children, children of nature. And as a mother, she gave her children a precious gift of love and beauty that can always be found inside of every human being.