Tableware designed by Zheni studio are everyday objects aimed at bringing joy on a daily life basis.
Natural materials and colours, minimalistic design bring attention to the physical properties of an object - raw texture, weight, rough edges, uneven glaze spreading. Qualities that make a deep sensory impression and make every object unrepeatable and unique.
The beauty of imperfection - wabi-sabi - this idea of natural raw and simple is transmitted through asymmetrical forms. A metaphor of true specialty of any creation of nature. There is no need to be perfect, hen you cherish what makes you special.
Zheni studio tableware is literally a piece of nature, that turned into an object of design with help of craftsman hands and ideas. The clay's affiliation to nature carefully persists through the process of creation. Awaking the feeling of actual connection with earth wherever a piece of tableware finds its appliance.
Beauty of things we use every day makes every moment joyful.