Big Dome

Vase. A wheel-thrown ceramic two-piece vessel. Dome and a cup made from salmon color clay. The white glossy glaze goes inside of the dome body and inside of the cup. The pair is a unique sculptural and constructive vessel for fresh flowers.
Dome. The sculptural dome has a rough texture because of small chamotte stones in a clay body. Can be used as a vase for dry flowers.
Cup. Cup is suitable for liquids and can be also used separately.
Vessel. It is handmade by me from the beginning to end in our studio in Bratislava. With love and freedom. To you.
Handmade product. Irregularities in the surface or color are part of these items. Each item is unique and measurements are approximate.
Size. Dome Height 10.5 cm, Width 21 cm Cup Height 7.5 cm, Width 6.5 cm