Hiding. Process of keeping senses inside. Pretending. 
An idea for designing such objects came to me when I found natural clay in the forest. I started from forms that mostly remain natural ground. But then I went to wheelthrown and handbuilt objects. 
The object has two parts. I call it dome construction. One part is a cup with a simple form. For water. It is hidden in a Dome part which is main for the object where the plant/flower is placed. On the top of the Dome part is ground stylized texture.
Vase. A wheel-thrown ceramic two-piece vessel. Dome and a cup made from recycled grey colored clay with chamotte inside (size 0-1,5mm). The white glossy glaze goes inside of the dome body and on the whole cup. The pair is a unique sculptural and constructive vessel for fresh flowers.
Dome. The sculptural dome has rough texture because of small chamotte stones in a clay body. Can be used as a vase for dry flowers. Size. 12x11.5
Cup. Cup is suitable for liquids and can be also used separately. Size. 8.5x7.8