Salmon color clay dome

Price on request
This Dome vase by Zheni was exhibited at "1000 vases" in Paris in frames of Paris design Week 2020 and featured in Elle Czech March 2021 issue.
Hiding. Process of keeping senses inside. Pretending. An idea for designing such objects came to me when I found natural clay in the forest. I started from forms that mostly remain natural ground. But then I went to wheel-thrown and handbuilt objects. The object has two parts. I call it dome construction. One part is a cup with a simple form. For water. It is hidden in a Dome part which is main for the object where the plant/flower is placed. On the top of the Dome part is ground stylized texture.
Vase. A wheel-thrown ceramic two-piece vessel. Dome and a cup made from salmon-colored clay with chamotte inside (size 0-1,5mm). The white glossy glaze goes inside of the dome body and inside of the cup. The pair is a unique sculptural and constructive vessel for fresh flowers.
Size. Height 12 cm, Width 18 cm