Studio recycled clay jug



Primitive Jug.
Primitives series. Is a series of objects which bring the idea of the imperfect beauty of life. Made from different types of quite big chamotte inside the clay, which brings a stone feeling of the vessel, or recycled from the studio mixed clay,- with uncovered processing actions, rough edges, or asymmetrical forms. Every piece is unique. Not ideal. As life is.
Wheel-thrown and handbuilt jug made from studio recycled clay in its unique grey color with a rough texture. The white glossy glaze goes all over the whole vessel.
Size. 1 l


  • This piece is made to order to reduce waste in production and to appreciate time investment into the making, therefore it takes 2-3 weeks for the piece to be made and shipped.
  • The production and delivery updates will be sent via email, giving complete clarity on every stage of order processing.