The Blooming Dome

Price on request
This Blooming Dome was featured in the Elle Decoration Czech Spring 2021 issue.
The Blooming Dome consists of three parts - the body of an object in the form of a dome (there is no bottom) with holes at the top for placing “leaves” shapes and plants, a cup for water which is hidden inside and the “leaves” themselves. In a process of making leaves shapes I let them get their free uncontrolled shapes in a kiln during the firing process in a high temperature by placing.  Ready forms are placed in the structure to create the image of a plant stretching towards the sun. 
This work calls for action: play, change the “leaves” in places, decorate the flower placed in it, or remove them at all. Natural ceramic constructor. The sculptural shape of the object makes it full and self-sufficient also without plants inside. You can literally make yourself a bouquet without flowers.