The Chaos dome

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Observing the events of my own life and how it affects me, I began to study chaos theory. The topic impressed me, found response in my soul, and found its practical implementation. Arriving at the studio, I started the planned work on the usual shape - the dome. At first, the work went on as usual, but after reaching the stage of sculpting the upper part of the dome, instead of the planned flat slot, I made a round hole. Then another, and another. I plunged into the process of creation, succumbing to the creative flow - what my hands created was the realization of an exciting image from my subconscious - the image of –°haos. Letting go of control while creating a new object, I accepted the chaos, felt it, and captured it.
My work Chaos is a sculpture for flowers that can have many images - from calm and minimalistic to strange and expressive. In my previous works, I began my research into the shape of a constructor; in the Chaos object, a constructor is a leitmotif. This work calls for action: play, change the components in places, decorate the flower placed in it, or remove them at all. Calls for interaction, for the creation of a silhouette from elements that are unlike each other. The diversity of the Chaos object symbolizes the flow of life, asymmetrical and disorderly. The symmetrical base is enlivened by dissimilar elements-branches, demonstrating the unpredictability of the development of events. There is no wrong choice, no stumbling on the way when we comprehend chaos. Let go of control, touch, create, contemplate and comfort and peace will come.