Wearable vase

It's amazing how plants find their place sometimes in the most unexpected places. On a solid wall of a five-story building. On the stone steps. They make their way through the asphalt, sprout through the fences. Making no difference, just growing under the sky. I have always been attracted to this play of urban constructions and rebellious nature. Observing, rethinking the position of plants in our urban life, I create vessels that convey the spirit of these complex relationships. I prefer to work with natural materials, sometimes I create ceramics literally from the clay dug out of the earth the day before. In the process of creating a vessel, I think first of all about the basic functions of the vessel: keeping water and how my vase will hold and support the plant. When you set your focus in this way, you can move further from the usual perception of a vase. As if closing our palms, we try to hold water in our hands, we personify complete unity with nature and love for it. And I created an intermediary object which puts the connection into practice and carries a piece of nature right on you.
Shopping in the fields. The wearable vase is made from stoneware clay in sand color, with a white glance glaze inside. The vase is fixed on the body with leather straps that resemble a bandage in design and feel. The object is an accessory that allows you to carry a bouquet of fresh flowers, creating the image of a person who has just gone shopping for them in the fields.
Size. Height 30 cm, Width 10cm.

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